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Hire a water heater installer in the Erie, PA area

Your water heater is your property's main source of hot water. It's important to make sure you have the right size water heater for your property's needs. Choose Joe Chromik & Son Plumbing to handle your water heater installation in Erie, PA or the surrounding area. If your current equipment is leaking or not supplying sufficient hot water, we can replace it. We use top-of-the-line Bradford White water heaters.

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Why a professional should complete your installation

Why a professional should complete your installation

To ensure that your new equipment works reliably from day one, work with a professional water heater installer. When you pick us:

We'll help you select the right size and type of equipment
You'll be able to choose from the highest-quality water heaters available
You won't have to worry about any installation errors

To learn more about our water heater installation process, call 814-459-8116 today.