Get Rid of Stubborn Clogs

Rely on us for sewer cleaning services in the Erie, PA area

Clogged pipes are an annoying inconvenience, especially if the clog won't go away. Instead of tearing up your pipes with store-bought cleaners, let an expert handle drain cleaning services. Trust Joe Chromik & Son Plumbing as your sewer cleaning company in the Erie, PA area. We'll thoroughly clean your drains and sewer lines to get rid of clogs and debris. Routine sewer cleaning will help prevent clogs and keep water flowing smoothly.

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Avoid major plumbing issues by cleaning your pipes

Avoid major plumbing issues by cleaning your pipes

Cleaning your sewers is vital for preventing extensive damage to your plumbing system. A clogged sewer line can result in:

Burst pipes
A foul smell
Backed up water

If your clog has caused serious damage, you can rely on us for repairs. Call us today at 814-459-8116 to schedule drain cleaning services.